Café Femenino Coffee from Bolivia

In the mountains of the Caranavi region in Bolivia, Bolivian Café Femenino grows. Since 2008 the women’s group has been meeting and working hard to find solutions to the problems their families face. With few economic resources to improve their lives, the women’s group decided to focus on coffee quality and improving the processing of the picked cherry in order to increase yields. Also, as more women took charge of their coffee production, they realized the need to consistently produce the highest quality of their coffee in order to be able to call it Café Femenino.
In 2010 the group developed a plan to expand the amount of drying tables they had access to.  In Caranavi like most high elevation production areas, heavy rains during the wet season create challenges for the drying process. The Café Femenino producers decided with drying tables available to them they could properly dry the coffee in a manner that would better maintain the quality.
With support from the Café Femenino Foundation and from the farmer’s cooperative they were able to construct enough drying tables to benefit 80 women. Additionally, the project funds provided trainings for the women in the areas of farm management and coffee improvement. Several women and their families have now benefited from this much needed investment.
By ensuring that less of the coffee crop is lost due to moisture these Café Femenino producers have higher yields and thus receive a higher income for their coffee.
The Café Femenino Foundation continues to support women coffee farmers and their families through trainings and projects that are organized and requested by the women themselves. Your purchase of Fair Trade and Certified Organic Café Femenino Coffee supports these projects in Bolivia and around the world.