Cafè Femenino Coffee Program International

Café Femenino is a sustainable coffee program, operating in the countries of Peru, Rwanda, Guatemala, Colombia, Mexico, Nicaragua, Bolivia, Sumatra and the Dominican Republic, that promises $.05/lb premium above the fair trade premium to be paid directly to the women who grow the coffee. To be a Café Femenino coffee producer, the coffee must be produced separately from the men’s production. A portion of the coffee farm must be designated for the women, her name must be added to the title of the land (a first!) and she must be the one who receives the premium. It is well known that the women who grow coffee on small parcels of land, 5 hectares or less, comprise the poorest and most marginalized on the planet. Abuse rates hover around 69% due to poverty, geographic isolation, and machismo culture. The men control the finances and many times are not managing it with the focus on the family. We have found that when women are given the control of the finances, they will invariably make financial choice that focus on their children and their community.